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Cadence Court Block of the Month

Join us for our 6 month Cadence Court block of the month 
We recommend you sit and sew with us month 1 if you are unfamiliar with paper piecing.  For months 2-6 you are welcome to pick-up your kit any time on or after BoM day and may sit and sew for the day if you choose.  We will offer pick-up until 6pm on BoM day, this is one hour later than we are normally open.
$30 for each month kits will be distributed monthly available for pick-up on BoM day or after for the month.

Month 1: Blocks 1/13, 2/14—You will also receive the book this month.  We’ll be happy to help you print the foundation pages you need if you want to sit and sew this month. 

Month 2: Blocks 3/15, 4/16

Month 3: Blocks 5/17, 6/18

Month 4: Blocks 7/19, 8/20

Month 5: Blocks 9/21, 10/22

Month 6: Blocks 11/32, 12/24--This month’s kit will include the final yardage for your top to make the center and the outside pieces.  Think about your binding and backing too!   


Necessary Supplies not included in BoM, all available for purchase at Stitch!

Foundation paper to copy the paper piecing templates

Add-a-quarter ruler (regular or plus)

Best Press


Freezer paper for templates (not available, but we do offer red dot tracing paper!)

Binding and backing for finishing

Skill Level:
Materials Included:
Book, Fabric for top, help piecing
Must purchase class with book and fabrics for top from Stitch for BoM

Cadence Court Block of the Month

$ 30.00